How Vacation Renting Became Vacation Living

Article & Photos by Lynne Martin My husband Tim and I are experienced travelers. We began using vacation rentals before Homeaway or Airbnb were even twinkles in the eyes of their founders. In those days, vacation rentals were the purview of real estate agents with hit-or-miss results without standards or guarantees of any kind. We […]

The Cypress Lake House: Create Your Own Romantic Novel In Floral City, Florida

Article & Photos by Victoria Hart It feels like the setting of a Nicholas Sparks novel. A charming, two-bedroom 1 1/2-bath cottage on Lake Consuela in Floral City, Florida, this cottage begs its guests to slow down and surrender to the present moment. The rough cypress exterior siding blends perfectly with the lakeside setting. The […]

Mystical Iceland: It’s anything but a vast, icy landscape

Article & Photos by Rika Dockery If you’ve never been to Iceland, you may imagine it as a vast icy landscape. The Iceland I saw featured a lush green moss-covered lava fields, bountiful waterfalls, geysers and hot springs. There were volcanic mountains and glaciers, oceans, fields with sheep and horses, along with quaint colorful villages. […]

The Art of Doing Nothing

Article & Photos by Noreen Kompanik I‘m here in San Diego getting a pedicure for our upcoming trip to Mexico. I glance up at the television where our local news station is reporting some shocking statistics – a whopping 62% of workers check in with the office at least once or twice a week during […]

A Dog-Friendly Beach Vacation

Article & Photos by Rika Dockery When my brother-in-law invited my husband and me to pitch in for a vacation rental home on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama, we immediately said, “Yes.” Late September is a great time to visit the Gulf because the weather is still warm but the crowds have subsided and […]

Food and Fun: Cairns Style

Article by Patti Morrow & Photos by Kary Kern Cairns, on the Coral Sea in tropical northeast Australia, is considered to be the gateway to Great Barrier Reef – one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. the city is stylish and laid-back, and a central location for exploring an area pulsing with adventure […]

Australia’s Igloo on the Beach: Cool, Right?

Article by Patti Morrow & Photos by Kary Kern This igloo on the beach will melt… your heart. The unique curved structures – referred to as igloos, shells, or domes – are constructed in the most unlikely place, directly across from Trinity Beach in Australia’s tropical northeastern Queensland. “It looks like an igloo, but we […]

Wine, Dine, Play Temecula

Article & Photos by Noreen Kompanik With over 40 wineries dotting the map here in Southern California’s wine country (and more on the radar), Temecula Valley welcomes more than two million visitors a year. Not bad for a region that planted its first grapevine in 1968. There’s a reason they come, and it’s not just […]

Tuscan Temecula Hideaway: A Southern California Wine Country Retreat

Article & Photos by Noreen Kompanik Wine may have put Temecula on the map, but, with its history, majestic landscapes, exquisite cuisine and friendly people, it’s no wonder this is an ideal weekend destination. Located just an hour north of San Diego, Temecula literally means “Where the sun breaks through the mist” in Spanish. And it’s […]

Where in the World: Spectaular Dublin

Article & Photos by Linda Wilkinson Dublin Ireland is a bustling contemporary city that offers much more than I ever imagined. It is one destination that completely exceeded my expectation. Not only were the locals extraordinarily friendly, but everything about the city seemed a wee bit magical (said with my best Irish accent). From the […]