Australia’s Igloo on the Beach: Cool, Right?

Article by Patti Morrow & Photos by Kary Kern This igloo on the beach will melt… your heart. The unique curved structures – referred to as igloos, shells, or domes – are constructed in the most unlikely place, directly across from Trinity Beach in Australia’s tropical northeastern Queensland. “It looks like an igloo, but we […]

Wine, Dine, Play Temecula

Article & Photos by Noreen Kompanik With over 40 wineries dotting the map here in Southern California’s wine country (and more on the radar), Temecula Valley welcomes more than two million visitors a year. Not bad for a region that planted its first grapevine in 1968. There’s a reason they come, and it’s not just […]

Tuscan Temecula Hideaway: A Southern California Wine Country Retreat

Article & Photos by Noreen Kompanik Wine may have put Temecula on the map, but, with its history, majestic landscapes, exquisite cuisine and friendly people, it’s no wonder this is an ideal weekend destination. Located just an hour north of San Diego, Temecula literally means “Where the sun breaks through the mist” in Spanish. And it’s […]

Where in the World: Spectaular Dublin

Article & Photos by Linda Wilkinson Dublin Ireland is a bustling contemporary city that offers much more than I ever imagined. It is one destination that completely exceeded my expectation. Not only were the locals extraordinarily friendly, but everything about the city seemed a wee bit magical (said with my best Irish accent). From the […]

Your Oasis in the Mountains

Article & Photos by Dede Ogden As we drove through the Colorado Mountains with snow covered the peaks and clear blue skies. I couldn’t help but see lush valleys, tall timbers, and sparkling rivers that captivated me. Around a corner and to my right, directly off the San Juan River, steam rose into the air. […]

The Perfect Island Vacation: Stoney Hill Road House on Martha’s Vineyard

Article & Photos by Camille Miller There’s a good reason why everyone wants to vacation on Martha’s Vineyard. Set apart from mainland Massachusetts by a ferry ride, the Vineyard invites visitors to leave their worries behind and come away to relax and experience peace. It is a beautiful, enchanting island surrounded bu the warm waters […]

The Hocking Hills of Ohio- A Hidden Gem

Article & Photos by Victoria Hart Picture in your mind; lush green forests, soaring waterfalls, breathtaking gorges, scenic lakes, rivers and streams. Well-maintained hiking trails with sturdy footbridges await visitors. Man-made paths and staircases ease the way to help keep hikers safe and prevent erosion of the natural landscape. The setting is tranquil; peace and […]

You’ll Leave Your Heart in San Francisco

Article & Photos by Noreen Kompanik As we disembark our plane and head to baggage claim, the sound of Tony Bennett crooning overhead with “I left my heart in San Francisco” feels like a welcome home to us on our return to this beloved City by the Bay. Whether it’s your first visit, or your […]

Hilton Head Island- After Hurricane Matthew

Article by Victoria Hart & Photos by Dan Hart On October 8, 2016, Hurricane Matthew invaded Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, a 12-mile long , 5-mile wide barrier island on the Atlantic Coast. the 40-mile wide , eye of the storm engulfed the belover 42 square mile vacation Island around 6:30 am Six hundred emergency […]

Food and Fun: Saint Lucia Style

Article by Trina Chaiamongkol & Photos by Pierre Lambert If you only have a short period of time to visit St. Lucia, this article is for you. St. Lucia has much more to do that marveli at the magnificent views while sipping cocktails on the beach. We based ourselves in the southern town of Soufriere […]