Lake Mead Houseboat Tour with Beth Carson

Luxuriating in Forever Resorts’ flagship vessel, it seemed as if we were the only ones on all of Lake Mead, seeing only one other boat in 3 days. November, which is low season, is absolutely perfect. Sunny warm days, cool nights with light breezes.   Here’s the houseboat tour video I put together to share […]


 Why Subscribe to Vacation Rental Travels? Great question. We were hoping you would ask!   We feel travel is better when it’s shared. We want to have you along for the ride while we explore the world of vacation rentals. From charming seaside cabanas to palatial colonial homes, Vacation Rental Travels, delivered free to your […]

The Perfect Christmas Gift

A lot of people say they have the perfect Christmas gift. “Gloves with smartphone compatible fingers,” “Neck warmers,” and, of course, the ever-recycled and butt of jokes, the poor fruit cake. A recent study actually asked people what they would like for Christmas. And 71%, a majority we’ll never see in politics, agreed on the […]