Lake Mead Houseboat Tour with Beth Carson

Luxuriating in Forever Resorts’ flagship vessel, it seemed as if we were the only ones on all of Lake Mead, seeing only one other boat in 3 days. November, which is low season, is absolutely perfect. Sunny warm days, cool nights with light breezes.


Here’s the houseboat tour video I put together to share some of my experiences from this wonderful trip.

Our morning started lazily, taking our time before actually piloting the massive 75 foot flagship XS1. By afternoon, we were gliding towards Hoover Dam, a quiet thrill as we passed surreal landscapes, as foreign to this East Coast girl as the mountains in New Zealand.

Just 45 minutes from Las Vegas, with easy and inexpensive flight options, Callville Bay Marina offers an “Out West” vacation treat few have considered.

I seek “out of the box” experiences, and this ranks highly. Hotel rooms seldom allow you the freedom to float to the edge of the Hoover Dam by day, then spend the evening star gazing from your very private rooftop hot tub. Wait, I can’t think of a single one that affords you that pleasure, can you? That’s exactly what we did.


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