Laguna Beach: Art and Nature in Perfect Harmony

Article and Photos by Noreen Kompanik It’s not every day that the travelers can say they’ve found the perfect vacation destination. But Laguna Beach fits the bill. And it doesn’t hurt that it is one of Southern California’s best-kep-secrets. Located midway between Los Angeles and San Diego, this charming seaside surf town boasts a year-round […]

Food and Fun: Historic Palm Springs

Article by Noreen Kompanik “Playground of the Stars” is what Palm Springs, California has been called for years. Royalty of the movie industry flocked to play in Palm Springs where they could still honor their contract stipulations to remain “within two hours of the studio” in case they were called back for another take or […]

Citrus Crush Palm Springs – Stunning Oasis in the Desert

Article & Photos by Noreen Kompanik Surrounded by thousands of miles of stark desert beauty, Palm Springs, California has evolved into a a vibrant culinary and art scene. Palm Springs’ connection to Hollywood attracts those looking for glitz and glamour; that provides much to do and see, with some fascinating history thrown in for fun. […]

How Vacation Renting Became Vacation Living

Article & Photos by Lynne Martin My husband Tim and I are experienced travelers. We began using vacation rentals before Homeaway or Airbnb were even twinkles in the eyes of their founders. In those days, vacation rentals were the purview of real estate agents with hit-or-miss results without standards or guarantees of any kind. We […]

Wine, Dine, Play Temecula

Article & Photos by Noreen Kompanik With over 40 wineries dotting the map here in Southern California’s wine country (and more on the radar), Temecula Valley welcomes more than two million visitors a year. Not bad for a region that planted its first grapevine in 1968. There’s a reason they come, and it’s not just […]

Tuscan Temecula Hideaway: A Southern California Wine Country Retreat

Article & Photos by Noreen Kompanik Wine may have put Temecula on the map, but, with its history, majestic landscapes, exquisite cuisine and friendly people, it’s no wonder this is an ideal weekend destination. Located just an hour north of San Diego, Temecula literally means “Where the sun breaks through the mist” in Spanish. And it’s […]

You’ll Leave Your Heart in San Francisco

Article & Photos by Noreen Kompanik As we disembark our plane and head to baggage claim, the sound of Tony Bennett crooning overhead with “I left my heart in San Francisco” feels like a welcome home to us on our return to this beloved City by the Bay. Whether it’s your first visit, or your […]

Abalone Bay – Luxury on the Pacific

Article and Photos by Tyann Marcink Dense, soupy fog surrounded us, preventing us from seeing what we knew was simply a stone’s throw away from the panoramic great room windows we stood behind. We were not concerned that our view was currently obscured. The thick fog would lift soon, revealing the wonderfully glorious ocean view […]