Sandollar: A Stretch of San Felipe Heaven

Text by Noreen Kompanik We love everything about Mexico. So when we heard about a sleepy Baja beach town where time practically stands still and total relaxation is the game, we were totally in Located on the Eastern side of the Baja Peninsula, San Felipe is a throwback to days when Mexican coastal towns were […]

Why Travel is an Elixir for Good Health

Text by Noreen Kompanik I spent 34 years as a registered nurse before transitioning to my full-time life as a travel writer. So, I know a little about what constitutes good health. We all understand that the balance of eating right, exercising and lowering our stress levels all contribute to better health, right? But….so does […]

Where in the World- Cadeques, Spain

A narrow street curls around the port as waves crash ashore, bursting high along the road. The stately white washed buildings line the seaside, their bright blue doors matching the color of the water upon which they look. It was home to one of the twentieth centuries more interesting artists, a surrealist who left a […]

Relaxing In The Rockies

Mountains are earth’s undecaying monuments. Text by Rika Wolf Dockery There are few places in this world as majestic as the Canadian Rockies. Visitors flock to Banff National Park (Canada’s first) and summertime brings scores of RVs and international guests in search of wildlife and mountain landscapes. I’ve been to Banff, Lake Louise and north […]

Experience Grand Cayman Like a VIP

Text by Dede Fulk Arriving to the Island Imagine heading off to an island escape without having a plan. Now imagine doing it and knowing exactly some of the activities that will make you feel like a VIP. To begin we landed on the tarmac with the Cayman Islands Aviation Authority (CIAA) ready for an […]

Escaping to My Honeymoon in Grand Cayman

Text by Dede Fulk When we heard about the quaking earth, fissures roaring like jet engines, towering lava fountains erupting with magma spewing into the air and Olivine gemstones raining down on the Big Island of Hawaii, it sounded like a National Geographic show. Not the way to start a honeymoon. So we hanged our […]

From Sarajevo, With Love

Article and Photos By Paula Wheeler Bosnia was never on my destination radar. I knew next to nothing about the country, except Sarajevo hosted the Winter Olympics in 1984 and the country saw war in the 1990’s. What brought me, well, in a nutshell I woke one morning saying “Sarajevo”. Not many people would visit […]

Two day’s in Catania, Sicily

Article and Photos by Paula Wheeler Admiring the scene before me, from the fifth-floor studio apartment in Catania, Sicily, sheer joy surges through every inch of my being. Not only is The well-equipped studio vogue, it has a view that I could wake up to for the rest of my life. Off in the distance […]