The Perfect Christmas Gift

A lot of people say they have the perfect Christmas gift. “Gloves with smartphone compatible fingers,” “Neck warmers,” and, of course, the ever-recycled and butt of jokes, the poor fruit cake.

The joys of travel

A recent study actually asked people what they would like for Christmas. And 71%, a majority we’ll never see in politics, agreed on the same thing.


They want to forget about life for a while and build memories. Have photos to share. Time. Fun status update. It makes perfect sense.

So, even though the clock is ticking ever closer to wrapping paper tearing time, you can sit at your computer and dream a little bit.

First- who’s going on this trip? You and your spouse? Are you bringing the children?

Now, consider what would make everyone happy to see on Christmas morning. A trip to the beach? A city excursion? Do they want to cozy up by the fire after a day of hitting the slopes?

Now, start searching.

There are literally endless possibilities.

But one thing is for certain- this will be a gift that everyone can enjoy, and you’ll have the photos and memories for a lifetime.

So, be the hero. It’s OK to get yourself the perfect gift, because you’ll be enjoying it with others.

And if 71% want this for Christmas, you can be sure it will work for Valentine’s Day and birthdays, too.

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  1. Dede Sindelar says:

    What a great article. I bet it would be fun to wake up somewhere different than your own home for the holidays. I am sure Santa still came by. It’s a great idea for other holidays too…

    Can’t wait for my next trip..
    Dede Sindelar

    • Art Remnet says:

      Hi Dede – yes it’s great to have a holiday on the road but with the comfort of a “home” And you’re right Santa always seems to know where the kids are….Let us know where you go on your next trip!

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