Vacation Rentals as Home Exchanges

This was frugal vacation for us, as we arranged our stay in Zihuanejo as a home exchange with Oscar Sanchez through the Home Exchange Website, If you’re not familiar with the home exchanges, it’s a method by which homeowners swap homes for short periods to avoid the biggest coast of most vacation, the cost of lodging


Now here’s the big secret: most home exchanges are not with the owners’ principal residences, but with second homes and vacation rentals. In fact, vacation rentals dominate in exchanges, and is an excellent method for VR owners to gain value from their rentals while they are unoccupied. Exchanging with vacation rentals facilitates exchanges that are not simultaneous, which frees both parties to schedule their vacations at their own convenience. We have exchanged homes in Mexico, Central America, Europe, and the US, and have never had a problem with the guests or security.


Another home exchange option is hospitality exchanges. When there are scheduling problems, this option means simply receiving the guests in your home while you are present. And here’s another secret: Home exchangers tend to be extroverts and generous people. I’ve exchanged several times with hosts that never intend to take their half of the exchange, and I have done the same. I call these karma exchanges. You may exchange away a week’s stay in your VR, and find you receive two or three stays elsewhere. Good karma.

One final secret: home owners sometimes offer exchanges as a way of finding a house-sitter while they’re away. They have no intention of ever visiting your house, but know that home-exchangers are invariably responsible and prudent guests.

If you have a home, second home or vacation rental that you’re willing to exchange, visit the most popular web site, Home Exchange, for more information.

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  1. […] Vacation Rentals as Home Exchanges […]

  2. […] Vacation Rentals as Home Exchanges […]

  3. […] Vacation Rentals as Home Exchanges […]

  4. […] Vacation Rentals as Home Exchanges […]

  5. […] Vacation Rentals as Home Exchanges […]

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