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If you like to travel, and in style, to quirky tree houses or a private penthouse on top of the Ritz Carlton, or anything in between, from a walk-out basement in the center of St. Augustine, Florida,  designed by an artist, to a mini-castle in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, with private pool and amphitheater, we are the magazine for you. All of these stays were free to the writer. The owners were happy to exchange a few nights to a week for some great PR.

You can live the travel writer’s dream, now. Spin the globe, find a place you want to visit, then start searching for the perfect place to call home for a few nights. Great places to start are HomeAway, VRBO, and FlipKey.

We want magazine worthy. But that doesn’t mean it has to cost $8,000/night. But, our first writer scored a stay for her family in a vacation rental that cost just that. It can be a shabby chic beach shack on the coast of Mexico. A mid-century modern home in Beverly Hills. A houseboat on a lake near your home. It has to be interesting, and photograph well.

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What we’re looking for

  • Writers who are easy to work with
  • Writers who know travel writing- the styles, the quirks
  • Writers who understand the principles of different types of articles- the Round-Up, the Narrative
  • Writers who have taken the Ultimate Travel Writers Program or have attended a live workshop
  • Don’t have samples? Send in one of your assignments from the program.

We’re easy to work with, and happy to give new writers a place to get a byline. If you can write a great piece and are easy to work with, please contact me with a story idea. But first, read all editions of our magazine! But, you already knew that, didn’t you?


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Here’s what some of our writers have to say:

DedeIf you like to tell a story about exotic destinations, provide details of beautiful vacation rentals and are adept at engaging readers, consider writing for “Vacation Rental Travels” digital magazine. Beth, the editor, is an active traveler and writer herself, but always finds ways to stay connected to her contributors. As a passionate traveler, Beth believed in me when I was emerging as a travel writer and continues to publish my articles and photos about alluring beach destinations. It’s a breath of fresh air working with someone who is open to unique suggestions and ideas about locations that resonate with me.

Dede Sindelar

When I asked Dede what the secret to her skill was, she said she’s going through the Great Escape’s Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program- the at home version- very slowly.


Here’s what another Right Way to Travel reader has to say. She’s been to the Ultimate Stock Photography Workshop with Great Escape Publishing in Miami and The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Boston:

I pitched a story about my own town and landed the assignment to write about it for Vacation Rental Travels magazine. It was a wonderful Theresa St. John head shotexperience, finding a place where I wanted to stay ( for free ! ), while photographing and writing about the rental property for the publication. I also wrote about things to see and do in the area and enjoyed a wonderful dinner in a downtown restaurant at the same time.
 In late October this year, I will be staying in a charming little cottage in Ireland ( for free! ) while writing my second article for magazine. It is a pleasure to work with Beth and Art, who were readily available whenever I had a question.
 Writing for this publication has opened up a new way to live for me. I love to write and take photographs – traveling to a rental and getting to stay there for free while I get to see the world is an amazing experience. I am anxious to see where I head off to next!
Theresa St. John

Christina Boyes Head Shot“Travel writers can turn to any number of publications to pitch an article, but Vacation Rental Travels magazine is a rising star. From its first issue, the magazine made it clear that luxury is more than a word – it’s a lifestyle. Every aspect of this magazine carries that feeling into the heart of the reader.

I find it a delight to write for Art and Beth, and the steadily growing audience, fascinating destinations covered, and excellent layout ensure that my writing doesn’t sit on a shelf somewhere – it gets read. My travel writing portfolio is growing steadily thanks to Vacation Rental Travels magazine, and clients are paying attention.

What more could a writer ask for?”

Christina Boyes

Are you a good fit?

If you feel you would be a great fit for us, send me an email directly at Beth@VacationRentalTravels.com .

We are looking for experienced travel writers. It’s a unique genre. Writers who have taken the Great Escape Travel Writer’s Program or who have attended a Travel Writer’s Workshop will be given higher consideration. Writers who have learned the craft of travel writing elsewhere- but sure to tell me about your story.

See Writer’s Guidelines below.

Stellar photos are an absolute must, and either the writer or the owner must provide them. Contact us today for more details.

Beth Carson



Writers Guidelines

Vacation Rental Travels features are first and third-person stories about the unique experience of staying in a vacation rental and the places/attractions that people go to for vacations and getaways.

First and foremost, please read our past issues. This will give a very good feel for the types of article and photos we include in the magazine.

We look for stories that are destination-oriented that also focus on how the trip is enhanced by staying in a vacation rental. We look for first person accounts of the writers’ travel to that destination and home. We’re looking for tales that bring places into vivid focus, narratives that are alive with characters, descriptive passages and anecdotes. It’s about what made your trip memorable.

So send us your personal story about your visit. If you use the term “we” in your story, tell our readers who the “we” are. Merely a mention is sufficient to let the reader know who you’re with. (a friend, spouse, partner, group, or?)

We accept original stories, but we also accept reprints that have run elsewhere in any media. Or have been submitted to other editors without response. Simultaneous submissions are OK with us.

Word counts: We’re flexible. Main stories should be anywhere from between 1,500 to 2,500 words with at least eight photos, preferably 12. “Word count” is the basic story text. We also like side stories about things to do in the area, great restaurants, and insider tips.

Side stories that we are interested in are strictly travel focused- restaurants, things to do, free activities, cultural activities, family friendly activities, etc.

We prefer stories to be sent as MS Word attachments (Font – Times New Roman-12 pt) . Stories should be double spaced. Don’t include photos within your MS Word document. Stories can also be copied and pasted directly into your e-mail message (technically called embedding) with your photos sent as .jpg attachments.

Photos: Digital photos (or ones that are scanned) should be sent via DropBox. If you do not have a Dropbox account, sign up for one – they are free. Photos should be numbered or named in a way to make placement in the Magazine layout simple. (Corresponding numbers or names should be included in the article.)

Photo credits should be included in the article and photos and cannot infringe on any restriction or copyright owned by another agency or person.

Photos should be at least 2MB in file size to meet quality standards and should “set the scene” of the vacation rental. Overviews, street scape, kitchen, living, bedrooms, outdoor areas are all usable. Then, focus on the local area-beaches, National or State parks, viewpoints, theme parks, etc. the “large picture” so create the vision of the area for the reader. Then add the items of interest that are mentioned in the story. The houses or buildings, the statues, people, groups, dances, festivals, beach life, city life, your activities (inside or out), etc.

Videos: Every article can be enhanced by video. You can take a good video if all you have is a smartphone. Look in the files section for some guidelines. Upload the video to YouTube, and send the link in an email. Videos may also be place in the Dropbox folder.

Response Time: We respond within 2 weeks.

Remuneration: Authors and photographers who provide articles, photographs and videos published in Vacation Rental Travels Magazine and on the Vacation Rental Travels website are not directly compensated. We do include your bio and a link from our site to your personal website or blog site from within the Magazine.

Rights: We publish, first, worldwide, digital rights, but will consider reprints. We hold the right to continue to use the article, or parts thereof, forever.

We also encourage you to post links to your story as featured on our Vacation Rental Travels site, via Facebook, Twitter and any other social or travel related network to which you subscribe. The wider the readership, the better!

If you have any questions or want more information, please contact:

Beth Carson
e-mail: Beth@VacationRentalTravels.com